Chop Shop Magic

A long time sacred space in black male culture has been the barbershop. It has been home to life changing brotherhoods, the spark to legendary movements, and a place to hear the usually silenced black male thought loud and clear. These are things which are formed in the barbershop, but not as noticed on the outside. What’s most clear and visible is the way stepping fresh out of the shop changes EVERYTHING, from your walk, to the confidence in your daily interactions, and most importantly how it amplifies any style you present. 

You could be wearing a tailored suit, sweats, or whatever style of the day you choose, and you will be ready for fashion week. An outfit isn’t complete until the head and face is groomed (if applicable, because as we all know; facial hair is not created equal haha). Different barbers use different techniques, products, clippers or razors to get the look and shine they see fit. Both, Vergil Austin and Fred Bunton invest in top notch tools and products to not only make customers get their money worth, but by damn near performing miracles, knowing which products/tool create the greatest final result on each individual’s hair situation (Receding/crooked hairlines, balding, Gray hairs, hair bumps, etc.). 

We followed 1201Morrison founder Bran and creative partner Tre’ Banks around to check out their looks before and after the male “cheat code”, spoke with Vergthebarber & fredbuntonsfsmss and even saw how it boosted the confidence in their lifestyle/career activity. 

This piece features a shoot styled by Bran featuring Mikey Hex. You can view the style images below: 

Content directed and coordinated by 1201Morrison in partner with [EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC.  
- All Visuals captured by REAL LIFE DREAMER.

Fat Tiger Grand Opening

Looks like we finally got a date for the grand opening of the new Fat Tiger. Home to some of the best brands in Chicago including Lost Paradise, Vita and Don't Be Mad, Fat Tiger just keeps getting bigger which is why they've been at 3 different locations in 4 years. What would an opening be without new merch? Joe took to twitter to let people know that there will indeed be new DBM dropping in conjunction with the grand opening. To stay up to date with everything Fat Tiger head over to

Ps & Qs JAWS Concept Tee

This Thursday our guys over at Ps & Qs are releasing a very limited edition tee shirt paying homage to one of the all time great films, Jaws. The concept t-shirt will be available in 3 colors and is said to be one of the more limited tee's that Ps and Qs has ever released. Not in Philly? No problem the shirts will be available in store and online so head over to this Thursday to purchase. Check out some shots of the shirts below. 

Frederick Scott's Play For Keeps Tee

This past weekend Fred Scott dropped a tee that he's been teasing for a while now. The play for keeps tee is available in black and white on Fred's website and has a blank front with Play For Keeps vertical on the back. Check the editorial for the tee's below shot by Philly's Saeed Ferguson and purchase one here.

Joefreshgood's Beauty Supply ™

Joefreshgoods seemingly owned 2016, staying consistent and pumping out quality releases. His Fuck Donald Tee is an internet sensation and was worn by entertainers in various industries. Earlier this year he released his Obama collection, a homage to our 44th president which received tons of attention and catapulted him to another level. With an assist from Chance the Rapper who was featured in the lookbook for the collection Joe started the new year the way he finished 2016, on fire.

Just when you think he's tired Joe reminds us all that he's in the position he's in for a reason. With Fat Tiger closed until June Joe paid homage to the beauty supply stores we had growing up as kids with an Art exhibition of sorts and for seven days will be hosting his own Beauty Supply. "The Beauty Supply ™ interactive experience + pop up shop will officially be open to the public today for 7 days only. I Wanted to capture a moment in time in my life with this, only some will understand the importance of the "beauty supply". Special thanks to my family at @congruentspace for making it happen. Come check out my "surprise" releases and pop up merch. Open today from 2 to 8..... 1216 w grand". 

The beauty supply has been receiving a lot of great feedback and looks like a lot of fun for not only adults but kids can enjoy it as well. Today Joe released some merch in conjunction of the beauty supply which can only be purchased in store. If you're in Chicago this week do yourself a favor and check out the pop-up. For updates regarding the re-opening of Fat Tiger head over to DBM website

Ps & Qs Resort 2017 Collection

Join our friends over at Ps & Qs this Friday as they celebrate the release of their Resort 2017 Collection. Free food, drinks and an awesome collection of t-shirts to choose from are on the menu as the brand plans to host its first ever barbecue at its retail location on 820 South Street Philadelphia, PA.  

Take a look at some of the tee's that'll be included in the collection below. Head over to for more info. 

5 Sitcoms That Are A Staple in 90's Fashion

90's fashion may very well be the best time in the history of clothing. The styles that were birthed have stayed around forever and the folks in that era tried new things stepping out of there comfort zone. Music played a big role in this from artist like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Outkast and more all being at the front of what was happening with style and music. While the music played a big role, television also played a pivotal role in some of the swag that is still around today. Take a look at 5 of the shows from the 90's we have to thing for the best era in fashion.

5. Hangin' With Mr. Cooper


4. The Nanny

3. Martin


2. A Different World


1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

We Need a HTMIIA 3rd Season

Dear HBO,

           7 years ago you guys put out a show that changed lives. To some the comedy-drama How To Make It In America may have been viewed upon as a waste of time, to others it was real life. Who cares that some of the reviews for the show said the it lacked discipline, there are kids out there that go back and watch that show to this day and still get hope from it. For those of you that aren't familiar with the show (please binge-watch if so, the episodes aren't that long) the show follows two dreamers Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon in there pursuit to get there clothing brand Crisp off the ground in the fast pace city of New York. Against all odds Ben and Cam literally go through hell and back in pursuit of their goal. Friendships were tested, affairs were had, and there was that on episode where Ben did some bad drugs.


In the name of Crisp, Ben and Cam risked there lives and never took no for an answer, a lesson for all entrepreneurs out there. Thousands of Ben and Cam's exist and they can relate to the show. Anyone on a creative pursuit in 2017 can wholeheartedly appreciate a 3rd season of the show as it gives a visual representation of the grind that entrepreneurs go through day in and day out. It's a shame that it didn't last long enough for people to really catch on to it. I mean how does a show with Kid Cudi on it at the height of everything he had going on not pan out? You guys should've tried harder.  Hey HBO could you guys please bring the show back and catch us up on all the progress that Ben and Cam have made with Crisp, I'm sure they're doing collabs with Raf Simons by now. 


        Morrison Boyz

Cruwelf Biggie Tribute Release

Born on may 21st, the Notorious B.I.G. is known by many as the best hip-hop artist to ever live. One of the many entertainers taken way to soon, Biggies influence lives on more than 2 decades later. To celebrate Biggies life Cruwelf created a t-shirt to pay homage to the Brooklyn emcee. The white long sleeve tee features an animated cover from BIG's debut album Ready to Die and the back features the 10 commandments from his hit song "10 Crack commandments" from what would be his final album Life After Death. The Biggie tribute release is live now for purchase at

17 By Good Posture

Our friends over at Good Posture are back with the first release of the summer. The 3 piece collection titled 17 features two t-shirts with different color combinations as well as a pair of track pants. The photo's for the collection as seen below are by Albert Huerta & Theo Martins. If you are in the LA area tomorrow celebrate the release of 17 with Theo at cereal and such from 4-8pm! Check out the shots below and purchase at

Wckdthghts Spring 17 Lookbook

Today LA based brand Wckdthghts released its spring 17 collection. The lookbook was shot by Christian Smiley of Puerilemind and features Ricky Hil. The collection features three work jackets, two hoodies, a long sleeve tee and three 6 panel caps. Check out the lookbook below as well as some of the product shots for the collection. To grab something from the collection hit

Fifty Karats SS17 Lookbook

Fifty Karats let go of the lookbook for the brands upcoming SS17 collection. No word on a release date but check out the gallery below to get a glimpse of the items to look out for. Head over to for more.

An End To Physical Store Locations?

As we progress in the internet age and more ways monetize ones self come about, a rise in ecommerce is eminent. Theres been an apparent increase in the amount of people leaving the 9-5 work force and venturing out to start something they can call their own as told in the piece "The New Creative" by Tre Banks. As individuals learn to monetize themselves, the first step many follow is creating a website where people can visit to learn more about them and what they do as well a offer products to sell. In the last year alone the number of people who have dreams of becoming a coveted clothing designer have come out with websites that serve as the hub to where you can purchase their merchandise. 


Top brands that came up through the internet established themselves through webstores, collaborations and pop ups some notable names including Vlone, Midnight Studios, Revenge X Storm. Heads of many brands note that while they are open to stockists there is no intention on opening a physical store location. With everything being so digital and the amount of money being made on the internet, is the end to a store location near? Is it necessary at this point? With the potential to go viral at any moment the idea of retail locations are being canned as the digital model is taking first place. With the entire world at the click of a button, the right product and  a solid rollout can generate millions in 2017. Keeping in mind though that the internet isn't actually a real place, I wouldn't be so quick to ride off the idea of brands having stores.

There are still consumers out there who like to get a feel of what it is they are purchasing and who they are buying it from. Being able to go into a  store and have interactions with the employees/creators behind their favorite brands goes a long way. Chicago store Fat Tiger is home to the city's best brands. The store is a hub for a couple of brands that do an awesome job of letting their merchandise exist not only online but in real life. Who wouldn't want to actually see first hand what their money is being spent on? Every now and then you'll get the brand that ships their products whenever they feel like it, or the ones that advertise false products and when you receive your package you're super disappointed. As a consumer I can understand why that would be frustrating therefore the physical store location is always going to be around. 

There are many influences that  sway the decision to go through with a store location, money being the biggest. If you know your brand is big enough and you're making the right amount of money why not? This social media crazed world won't exist for to much longer, so how will brands react when the phone's are put down and people are outside more? Do you scramble and try to put together a business plan to build a store or stick to whats been working with the online only model? Should a brands initial plan be to have a store in the long run? What factors come in to play? Let me know what you guys think in the comment section.

Better Than Yesterday

If you've been keeping up with Tre Banks the last couple of months then you're one of the lucky folks that woke up to his daily mantra "better than yesterday". Each morning since some time in 2016 Tre would wake up and tweet better than yesterday giving folks that jump start they need to get things going and lock in on a great day. Today marks an end to that streak as Tre brings the slogan offline and into real life as he releases the BTY tee in black and white. Here's the blurb from Tre's tumblr:

“Better Than Yesterday” says farewell from my twitter timeline and walks the streets soon.
If you follow me on twitter, then you know how I kick it off every morning. A positive affirmation to get going, which I started doing during a SUPER trash time in my life. Folks would hmu offline about how they looked forward to it each morning, so I put it on shirts for close friends to wear last year. Once Ppl started to ask me about that, I figured it’s more important to spread message off the Internet anyways … so it’s time to put the daily thought in real time. Tmrw help me place it into the population wherever you are! 🌍 Never know who will see it and need it. ⚡️🌤🌤 ⚡️ [ First [EV]-BnksCrtv product ]
Hope you all are a part of it.

Along with a purchase of a tee comes a mini-zine put together by Tre and Tess Kind. To purchase today head to And check out the super cool visual Tre directed for the campaign shot by Troi Warren

5 Worst Dressed Athletes

The fashion industry and professional sports are two completely different worlds, that much is apparent. Over time though there have been athletes who have tried to cross the threshold and get folks to consider them to be fashionable. One notable superstar athlete from the 80's, Mr. Deon Sanders was a guy who definitely considered himself fashionable, as did his peers. He dressed similar to the drug dealers in that era, only thing is he wasn't flipping bricks to make his ends. 

Allen Iverson's style made the NBA create a dress code. Iverson was known to do what he wanted on and off the court, sporting baggy suits, sweat pants, du-rags and platinum chains. He wasn't the most stylish athlete but you had to give him his props for truly sticking to his guns and knowing himself when it came to style. Lets take a look at some of this generations worst dressed athletes, the ones who swear they're killing it but get roasted when their fit hits social media. By the way I was going to add Russell Westbrook to this list but he cleaned his act up a whole lot over the last few years, so shout out to you Russ!

Paul George

No.... Aye PG, call me bro!


Andre Iguodola 

I'm just not a fan of anything Mr. iguodala has to offer me. From his game on the court to his clothes. 


Cam Newton



Colin Kaepernick

I wanted to give Cap a pass, but this is just unacceptable.


Antonio Brown

There is nothing about this photo that I like, from top to bottom. AB is definitely the best wideout in the game, but this is just atrocious. 

10 Best album/mixtape covers of the last 5 years

In music, creating a project that people will like means linking up with solid producers + engineers,  picking the right beats, finding your own sound and delivering quality content. Oh yeah don't forget about your album artwork. I feel like it goes without saying that a great cover for your project can make a difference, but a lot of artist are overlooking that fact.

I mean just think about it, how many times have you not even given a project or a song a listen because you seen the cover art for it and it was goofy to say the least? Some of my favorite projects of all time delivered not only with the content on the album/mixtape but also with the aesthetic of the cover for it. Some historically great album covers include The Beatles, 'Abbey Road', The Notorious B.I.G., 'Ready to Die', and Nirvana's 'Nevermind'. Let's take a look now at some of my favorite mixtape/album covers from the last 5 years. 


10. Wiz Khalifa - 28 Grams (2014)

With an illustration of Wiz and his dog as the cover 28 grams was an introduction to trap Wiz. I'm not sure why this project didn't get as much love as it should have, but this is up there as far as Wiz projects go. Standout tracks include Let'r, Incense, On The Way and O.U.Y. 


9. YG - Still Brazy (2016)

YG remains one of Compton's most creative emcee's. Sticking to his roots, YG kept the cover all red signifying is blood affiliation with a blurred image of himself. The album held its own peaking at number 6 on Billboard.


8. Abra - Rose (2015)

One of my favorite projects from 2015 was Abra's Rose. The cover gives you 80's vibes and the music doesn't disappoint. With the release of single "Pull Up" Abra has all of her fans begging for more. 


7. Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage (2015)

Lil Uzi's breakout mixtape Luv Is Rage set the stage for his career, the Philly native has been on fire ever since. The tape starts off with Safe house and doesn't ever turn down after. The cover art is an introduction to his relationship with Brittany Byrd, and is a common theme on a lot of his mixtape covers.


6. Cousin Stizz - Suffolk County (2015)

Debut mixtape from Boston native Cousin Stizz, "Suffolk County" was impressive to say the least. Stizz raps of coming up in the streets of Boston, the struggles and finally creating some success for his self and those around him. The cover captures the essence of Stizz, you can see truly how hungry he was. Since the release of Suffolk County Stizz followed up with Monda, a tribute to a fallen friend which is just as good if not better than his debut project.


5. OG Maco + Key! - Give Em Hell (2014)

Man I wish these two didn't fall out, they came together and put out a solid piece of work on Give Em Hell. The two go back and forth on each track of the 8 song EP. Produced mainly by Brandon Thomas this is one of Atlanta's most classic mixtapes ever. 


4. Thrvxxx - Thraxxx The Movie (2013)

2013 was a great time in music and Thraxxx made sure they were a part of it. Their hit single "Too Much" was everywhere and saw a lot of people trying to hop on a remix for it. The cover read as a movie and included the whole gang.


3. Drake - If You're Reading This Its Too Late (2015)

The cover for this suprise mixtape from Drake took on a mind of its own. People recreated the font for merch, their own covers and plenty of other things. This is arguably one of Drakes best projects despite the rumors of him not writing his own lyrics. 


2. Key! - Fathers Are The Curse (2013)

Fatmankey's breakout mixtape Fathers Are The Curse got him a lot of attention beyond Atlanta. The tape rides from start to finish and is considered one of his best. The minimalism of the cover drew me into the project. 


1. Travi$ Scott - Days Before Rodeo (2014)

This mixtape was Travis Scott's emergence into the industry. This speaker knocker featured guest appearances from Young Thug, Migos, Big Sean and Pee Wee Longway with heavy production from Metro Boomin. The original image for the cover was from a show Travis which turned out to be so iconic that he had to use it for the cover. 

The New Creative

It’s 2017, and the generation who has the access to literally “know it all” has arrived; looking for the many ways to contribute to our society (aka become bosses & workers). Whereas in the past, it took a year or more to learn skills and produce effectively within a workplace; now any unknowns can be conquered with Google or YouTube tutorials.  The rate at which the corporate structure is set up for employees to progress is extremely too slow for a large amount of people in our generation to feel fulfilled in their workplace.  Older execs are constantly surprised at the amount of information we already know, or how quickly we can solve issues that takes them 4 weeks of meetings to figure out. 

I know I do not speak for every individual, because there are plenty of people who love their jobs, but there are just as many feeling stuck and frustrated. During a recent trip to Miami for Art Basel, I had chats with a number of my peers (Ages 22-30) and a large portion of them were telling me that they recently quit a stable job to pursue “dreams” or working in a manner in which they see fit. This means no daily friction with a superior or forced to sit in an environment you no longer feel stimulated in for 40+ hours a week.  

Everyday I get on social media to people encouraging others that a 9-5 isn’t the way to go, and that there are alternatives to the life we imagine.  I completely agree with this, and have been on a personal path of my own to figure out which route works for me, as it is different for each individual. So when I had these conversations in Miami with other ambitious and/or college educated youth, it made me think; “What does the Future Professional look like?” 

I envisioned a number of partners, consultants, and specialists beginning to emerge, all while still being fashionably adaptable to the corporate structures in place. No matter which road one travels, appearance will forever play a role when big decisions are made, and opportunities are given.  

To bring this to life on behalf of, Tre’ Banks collaborated with Celebrity Stylist Josh “Dizzy” Dzime-Assison and Nationally Recognized Photographer, Elijah Dominique (with on-site fashion assistance from Chelsea Amangoua).  

Look One

Shoes: Aldo | Pants: H+M  | Shirt: Merona  | Sweater: Club Monaco  | Blazer: H+M 


Look Two

Shoes: Diesel  | Pants: H+M  | Polo: Neil Barrett  | Jacket: Misanthrope

Written by @Trebanks