The Fifty Karats Autumn/Winter 2015 collection

The boy @cxxno_ with some new heat for you guys. Last march I interviewed him about some of his previous releases. Gearing up for the new season, I got a chance to catch up with the Miami native and get some insight into the new collection. Check out the interview below as well as some of the pieces from the collection with the full look book at the very end. 

Bran: What was the inspiration behind the pieces in the new look-book?

Udo: The pieces in the new collection were inspired by my lifestyle and mindset. I've always had that get money mindset which has always been a reoccurring theme every collection. 

Bran: Do you feel that you get better at designing as each season goes and you develop new pieces? 

Udo: I feel like I'm getting better season by season. This time around I felt like I had a lot more to prove to myself and everybody who's been fucking with me so far. But when it came time to design the clothes 95% was the chronic and 5% was me. That shit was all the weed, man.

Bran: Of this collection, which was your favorite to create?

Udo: This new "Make Money Not Friends" Jacket has to be my favorite piece from this collection

Bran: Of all the pieces you've created this far, which has been your favorite period? 

Udo: Out of every piece I've ever made The "Make Money Not Friends" Jacket is my favorite. It'll be the piece that really puts me on the map. 

Bran: What keeps you motivated to keep designing new clothing?

Udo: Death motivates me to keep designing clothes. Death is what inspires me to create period. What I mean by that is we as humans death is inevitable, and I want to live out my dreams while I still can. And nothing gives me a better feeling than seeing people in my clothes.

Bran: Whats next for fiftykarats?

Udo: There's a lot to come for Fifty Karats. I don't want to give away too much so soon but some upcoming collaborations are to be expected very soon. 

The Fifty Karats Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is available now. Stay in tuned to updates regarding releases by following the offical Fifty Karats instagram right here and be sure to sign up for the fifty karats newsletter at