Remember When It Was Easy To Buy Sneakers?

Sneaker culture has changed drastically over the past couple of years. We aren’t in times where you can just get in your car, go to your local Footlocker and grab the new Jordan’s. Nah, those days are far behind us. Now a days, you gotta be lucky to grab rare releases like long awaited Jordan’s, Yeezys and so on. You gotta have a plug and or enter into this raffle that thousands of other people already entered. Why should I have to do the most to get my hands on a pair of sneakers that dam near cost rent? Why can't they just be available to me if I’m spending that much money? It's bad enough we gotta spend all of this money, but you're telling me that if I don't win this raffle I can't buy the shoes?

I featured an avid sneaker collector by the name of Jared Williams, and he told me his frustration with today's sneaker culture. “Indeed the process has frustrated me. I remember the days when I could get up at any time during the day of a major release and just walk into a sneaker store and cop the kicks I wanted without having to wait in line, campout or have to deal with resellers and Hypebeasts. It's extremely frustrating to genuinely want a particular sneaker but have to go through hell and high water to either secure some sort of "connect" to get them. In being a part of the sneaker culture for so long, I've been fortunate enough to make some genuine connections with people that certainly help the process go along a bit faster. But I definitely do miss when it was easy to go pick up a fresh new pair of sneakers without having to deal with any BS”. 

Hypebeasts have been a major problem in it being very hard to get your hands on your favorite shoe. A lot of these new “sneakerheads” just want what they see everybody else gravitate towards. Putting emphasis on shoes that are wack, but because of the brand they are seen as a must have. A lot of the retro shoes that people rave over are still around, you can find them on ebay and even sneaker trading events such as the Sneak Attack DC event that I went to this past July. People like Kanye West aren’t making things much easier with the releases of his Yeezy boost. Kanye doesn’t make a ton of the shoes, in turn it leaves people scrambling to get their hands on a pair. What happened to Yeezy’s for everyone? Adidas tried to help the cause with their confirmed app, but still sneaker lovers across the world are in a frenzy in anticipation for new drops. How can things change and go back to how they used to be when trying to buy sneakers, or is it pretty much over for that way of consuming them?