Everyone's Big Brother

Whether you want to admit it or not, Chuck Inglish has influenced a lot of the style that is out there these days. Mainly what you see your favorite rapper dressed in, more than likely Chuck was on it years ago. Growing up, in like late middle school early high school, The Cool Kids had an undeniable wave. Chuck and Mikey were everywhere, dressed in snapbacks, graphic tee’s and fitted jeans. Kids were so used to wearing all of this baggy stuff, so it was refreshing to see a whole new wave hit so fast. It got to a point where we seen artist such as Tyga & Chris Brown rocking the snapback hats, varsity bombers, etc, and Chuck was fed up as he took to twitter to set the record straight this past summer.

A lot of that really resonates with me. Most that claim they know so much about fashion or style are wack in real life. They see something on social media and run with it. Most of the time they're wearing clothes that aren't even there's. You'll see them in it one time on instagram and never see it again, cause they're wearing clothes that they don't actually own, y'all not low.  I can't stress enough that people need to stay in their lane. Back to the subject at hand, Chuck doesnt get enough recognition, for both his contributions to style and music. You can still catch Chuck in some of the dopest shit on his instagram: @oldinglish, and can even check out some of his latest music. Dude really hasn’t missed a beat as he recently dropped a project with the Fitting Title “Everyone’s Big Brother”.