Martin: The Jersey God

This past spring/summer I sort of fell in love with jerseys (you can see more photos of some of the jerseys I wear in my look book section of the blog). It didn’t matter what sport it was, I just had to have them. Jerseys are cool because they can compliment anything that you decide to dress around them. One reason I started to like jerseys so much is because I watch Martin pretty much every night, and I saw how much he was wearing them. I would go about 2-3 episodes straight and notice that Martin always kept a classic jersey on with some cool kicks to go with it. It wasn’t so much the jersey that he wore; it was the way that he was wearing them. He wore it with a chill bravado to himself; I could tell that it was really his style. Whereas today you got dudes just wearing things that you could never picture them wearing, and they probably couldn’t picture themselves wearing. Its all about being comfortable in the clothes that suit you the most. So I can say that Martin definitely helped me find my niche as far as jerseys go.