Gudda God Tribute T

Inspiration can come to us in all forms; television, family, everyday interactions, and plenty of other things. In my life I’ve met some special people that have influenced me to become a better person. I specifically have a special group of friends that push me to be maximize my creativity and to challenge myself day in and day out. One person that has inspired me for a while without knowing is my homie BZ.

I met BZ when I was a freshman in high school and one thing I instantly noticed was that he did his own thing, no matter what anybody had to say about it. BZ has not only inspired me, he's also had the same effect on a lot of my other homies. He works harder than anyone that I know in the field of fashion, staying innovative and while keeping the balance of being himself. One thing I like most about him is that he isn't afraid to take risks. One thing he taught me early was that its okay not to fit in. I wouldn’t consider myself to know much about high-end fashion or things like that, but any questions that I do have about it I know that BZ can answer without any hesitation. A couple years ago people didn’t understand why BZ wore some of the things that he wore, fast forward to today you'll see a lot more peopl emulating the way that he dresses. Folks realized that the style BZ was going for was one that fit him and they had no choice but to embrace it because he wasn't changing the way he dressed for anybody.

With all that being said, I felt it was only right to honor the Gudda God in some way. So I hit my homie Hakeem up and gave him the idea to dedicate a shirt to BZ. He loved the idea and we got to work immediately. What we came up with is a 1 of 1 T-Shirt dedicated to the Gudda God in honor his hard work in this fashion shit. Dude deserves this, he’s created many waves and it needs to be acknowledged. We live in an era where people mistake showing love or appreciation for "dickeatin" and stuff like that. If someone inspires you to do better why not thank them? It’s cool to do something for your friends to show them that you appreciate them, that’s another reason that I created this. Giving the shirt to BZ was kinda nerve racking because I wasn’t sure if he would dig it, but if you know him personally you know how stoked he was to get this. There are only 2 of these shirts in existence (for now) so if you ever see anybody other than BZ or myself in one it’s fake! Lol. BZ just released a collection of Gudda God Helmets, and there are a few left so get on it now if you want one! Follow the kid on instagram as well, @bztheguddagod. Thanks for reading guys, a lot more to come.