Best Dressed Film Characters (10-6)

What makes a movie eligible to be one of your favorites? Is it the plot, the city its shot in, the actor or actress in it? Or are you like me and have a strong appreciation for the styling of the characters in the film. Wardrobe styling for a film is a talent that is an unappreciated part of the entire project. The clothing of the characters in the film go hand in hand with the personality that we perceive of them throughout the project. When you think back to 90's classic "Friday" there's no way we could ever imagine Craig in a pair of skinny jeans and a supreme tee, we associate him with the oversized lumber jack jacket and baggy jeans. Below are some of the best dressed characters from movies of all time periods, and don't hesitate to hit the comment section and tell us some of your favorite dressed movie characters. 

10) Billy Hoyle - White Men Can't Jump

Alongside Sidney Deane the two wore some of the best sportswear piece's that the 90's had to offer. Floral print on shorts, shirts and hats Billy went out in style hustling dudes on the courts of Los Angeles. Of all of the clothes Billy wore throughout the film my favorite was his parental advisory tee. 

9) Alex Foley - Beverly Hills Cop

The Beverly Hills cop mastered fighting crime and staying comfortable, with a pair of worn jeans beat up sneakers and a vintage varsity jacket. Cozy to the core, Foley almost mad being a cop look kinda cool, so much for that. 

8) John Bender - The Breakfast Club

The outcast that was John Bender managed to influence brands across the world, the most noticeable being Fear Of God. The aesthetic of a collection the brand released was very similar to the Breakfast Club character. A cut flannel with a thermal underneath a jean jacket with black slim jeans and boots completed Benders look, one which inspired the FOG collection.

7) Nino Brown - New Jack City

The CMB leader was draped in the goldest of jewels to compliment whatever color suit he had on at the moment. The first scene of the movie captured Nino in an all blue track suit with a black Kangol hat. Nino's right hand throughout the movie Gee Money was no slouch either, sometimes outdoing his boss getting off fits such as the green velvet track suit with the gold dollar sign chain.

6) Ferris Buller - Ferris Buellers Day Off

In an earlier post I spoke of how Ferris influenced a lot of styles with as many trends as he set. In each of the scenes in the movie Ferris wore something that grabbed your attention. The crazy mind that belonged to Ferris was one that was also low key on its fashions. One outfit that can be seen everywhere now is the one from the photo above.