What Fashion Would Be Like Without Instagram

Remember the pre social media days when fashion wasn't as serious and everybody had their own style? A time when we could appreciate styles from emerging acts such as the New Boyz and The Pack. A time when what you wore didn't determine your worth but rather what you brought to the table was the ultimate marker of who you were. Those days are long over as instagram has taken over people's minds as they chase trends from their favorite accounts. 

Thought you posted a fire fit but not getting the love you expected to come with it? It's probably because one of these fashion dudes being praised on the internet didn't wear it. The drug that is instagram has made it difficult for folks to show any individuality in their clothing choices, its literally brain washing kids. It has become routine for folks to base how they go about shopping for clothes and putting looks together based on what they see the next person wearing on social media.

These days you can literally be the corniest dude in the world but finesse an online persona that makes you look "poppin" because of the clothes you have on. We all know that one guy that spends all of his money to buy the same outfit that he saw ASAP Rocky in on his page or the girl that tries to fit into absolutely every dress that she see's Kim K in. Seems like nobody wants to stand out and is super cool with just seeing what the next trend is gonna be instead, just riding the wave instead of providing it.

Looks to be no end in sight to the trend craze that the gram has brung into fashion and style, its even effecting emerging brands as they are unconsiuosly creating clothing tailored around what they see from other people's pages. Its one thing to get inspiration from a person or other outside source, its another to completely run with someone else's aesthetic. 

Without instagram there would be a lot less trends and a lot more individuality. People's wardrobes would be less accessible therefore others would have to be creative with their outfits on their own. I'm not saying IG isn't one of the best inventions in the last decade, but it has hurt trends and made certain clothes a lot less exclusive. With all of this in consideration, what do you think the state of fashion/style be like if instagram never existed?