10 Pieces That You Had To Have In 2016

2016 was a good year in fashion, and a not so good year at the same time. Good because a lot of designers came to play. Consistency plus the desire to be on top fueled a lot of great releases this year. Not so good because pretty much everyone has a clothing line now. A lot of it is inorganic and taking up space, but hey if something is built to stand the test of time then it will, right? 

Designers stepped it up this year crafting the best hoodies, jackets, jeans and tee shirts I've seen in some time. Which of the items that came out this year caught your attention? Was Yeezy season 3 a must have for you? Did you stand in line for the Supreme and Gucci collab? Did you grab the Vetements Snoop Dogg tee? If you're anything like me, none of those drops interested you lol. I took the liberty of compiling a list of my favorite pieces from the year that was. 


10. OFFTheRope - Dennis Rodman Tribute Tee

Off The Rope got it right with this one! The brand paid homage to a legend in a major way. The Dennis Rodman tribute tee showed love to the NBA star slash wrestler slash rapper slash slash slash. Off The Rope is always giving you the WWF attitude era nostalgia in it piece's and is sure to do more of the same in 2017.

9. The Madbury Club - Cotton Summer Pack

The creative geniuses over at the Madbury Club had a phenomenal year. When they weren't hard at work with campaigns the collective was keeping the streets fed with the latest Madbury goods. The cotton summer pack featured 3 tee's in yellow, sky blue and salmon. As you can probably guess, the collection sold out in minutes. 

8. BZ The Gudda God - BMX Jersey + Tights

Always ahead of the curve, one of my favorite collections this year came from BZ The Gudda God. The God transformed his MCR brand into a racing team for the BMX jersey and tights. The garments were released in white and purple, if you missed out shame on you. 

7. Cruwelf - Year Of The Dog Tee

Cruwelf is on the up and up and continues to be one of the most consistent brands out there. In my interview with the brands creator Braze revealed to me that of all of his creations the year of the dog tee is up there as one of his favorites. The tee sold out pretty fast, can only mean bigger and better things for the brand in 2017. 

6. Honors Society - Cream Sweatshorts

The one good thing about being on the west coast is that its warm all year long. Fred Scott took that into consideration when creating the cream sweat shorts for Honors Society's summer capsule collection. Not only are the shorts aesthetically pleasing but they are OD comfortable.


Hassani's Khaki collection went crazy! The stellar/khaki cargo pants for women were and still are a must grab! The pants are handcrafted with 12oz stretch twill, including 6 pockets completed with 4 top stitched straps detailed at the thigh. Shop the #Khaki collection at hassanihamilton.com.

4. Omilli - My BM Hate Me

Find a funnier tee from this year and I'll give you 100 dollars. Omilli snapped with this one and put something together for all the dudes out there that can't catch a break from their baby mom. The my BM hate me tee is going up right now and is gonna ride a wave into the new year. Get your today at mybmhateme.com.

3. David J Hamm - Hámm Logo Hoodie

Pittsburgh designer David J Hamm did his good work with this one as the black logo hoodie was my favorite released by anyone this year. The sleeve of the hoodie reads  the phrase "My life is like a speeding bullet that just hasn't hit its target yet". I'm sure we can all relate to that. The hoodie sold out, but follow David on instagram for a possible restock. 

2. Ev Bravado - Eternal Flame Cropped Perfecto NO. 1

Featured in Octobers collection of the month Everard Best's rebirth collection no. 001 coveted some highly sought after items. One piece from the collection that set the internet a blaze was the eternal flame cropped perfecto no. 001. Flawless in design, needless to say Ev snapped. He has even promised fans on the brand a fashion show in February during NYFW that you won't want to miss. 

1. Joefreshgoods / DBM - Freedom Of Speech Tee

I mean was this really even a surprise? I knew from the moment I seen the shirt back in march that it was going to be big. Crazy thing is the shirt is only going to gain popularity during these next 4 years. Smart man Joe, smart man.