Cruwelf Summer Drop

Well into the summer season and Cruwelf delivers some fire merchandise. If you've been following the brand on twitter you know how much they tease the fans with sneak peeks of upcoming merchandise. Now available on the brands website is the Undertaker Rest In Peace tee. The front of the shirt has the icons face covered in blood with his eyes in the back of his head (his staple for frightening opponents) and his signature letter T. While the back reads rest in peace horizontally in distressed red letters with he brands logo atop and a coffin below. In addition of the taker tee comes the death comes early shorts. A simple design plus the fact that the shorts are comfortable as ever make them desirable for anybody that believes in being cozy and fashionable at the same time. Death comes early is spelled on the right side of the shorts with a demon in the middle. Both items are available for purchase now at and stay tuned as the brand has promised some more goods before summers end.