Vintage Stereon

Miami based, Vintage Stereon has established itself was one of the premier clothing brands in the state of Florida. Six members deep, the crew who got things started has worked there asses of and gathered attention from fold across the country. In addition to the clothing the crew has also made a splash on the party scene gathering guest such as Yesjulz, Madeintyo, Metro Boomin and many others at there events. One of the defining moments for the crew as told in an interview with citrusrap is when they gave some merch to hip-hop legend Andre 300. "I ran all the way back to where our shit was ‘cause we had our own event at Rolling Loud. It was crazy ‘cause when I ran back into the room the rest of us was there and they was about to fuckin spark up. I was like yo son! I just ran into Andre 3000! they was like for real? I was like yo what the fuck should I give this nigga?". In the end the crew ended up giving 3 Stacks some shirts which, and a picture of him with the shirts in his hands ended up making its way all over the internet.

Vintage Stereon isn't just in designing clothing for the look. Of course they want people to buy there clothes and look nice in them, but there is an underlying message in the designs that they create. For example there fuck 12 tee is shedding light on police brutality. There is another tee that reads Soulja across the front, with the phrase fight for yourself under it and "politicians are in season". What I like most about the collective is that everyone has a job and sticks to it. The crew is a band of brothers and everyone acts accordingly, the reason they produce high quality designs and execute events. Some of my favorite designs are below and to see more of VS check out there website today