Matte Brand

23-year-old Briana Wilson is the head of the hit instagram boutique that is MATTE, a womens fashion brand that specialzes in garmets such as body suits, swim suits, jewelry, dresses and more. Briana, the L.A. based designer has put in the ground work for her brand and in only a year and a half has established MATTE. The pieces that MATTE release are said to be necessary to every fearless and self-loving wardrobe.

MATTE is known for the models for the brand being women of color and not fitting in with the usual "look" for what a model is. In an interview with the fader Briana addressed it: "It’s time for black women to be appreciated. If they look bomb, they are. Whenever I am planning a shoot or I’m thinking of marketing something or I get input from other people, they may think that a certain look is, "more professional." But, I think that black women look really good and it’s time for people to start realizing that. Also, my customer base is black women and I connect well with them. For the swimwear shoot, we drove three hours to go to this location and it there were three black models, one Hispanic model and one Indian model and it was so bomb. One was really skinny and some were really thick but to me it’s not about that. The women look great and that’s what matters. I don’t use agency models so a lot of the times they’re from Instagram.

Photographers will say, “These are Instagram girls. You can’t expect for them to look like models.” In a way, I understand what they're saying but at the same time I really think that it looks more realistic and it’s beautiful. That’s what I like about MATTE it makes women feel sexy and feel good no matter their size. I like to show real women in the clothes so that real women will buy it". 


If you head to the about section of the brands site you'll see the message that the brand is trying to convey: "Feel sexy. Turn heads. Stand out. Be confident. Serve a MATTE look". it is doing just that and I expect much of the same moving forward from Briana as she continues to perfect her craft and release more garments that women can appreciate. Head over to today to purchase! Also be sure to download the app from the app store right here!