The Yeezy Runner

So I wanted to wait until all the hype died down around this shoe to talk about it. During this years fashion week this past February Kanye West debuted pieces from his new collection. It sent the internet crazy because a lot of people (like all of the collections Mr. West has released) thought of the pieces to be pretty basic and we all know that the prices for the collection will be astronomical. Among the collection was a pair of runners that we once saw a photo of on Kanye's feet in white.

Runners are becoming a staple in fashion and have been increasingly popular over the years with brands like Balenciaga and Raf Simmons putting out some great sillouettes, so it only makes sense that Kanye will hop in the mix and provide some competition. What's a Kanye release without some controversy though? Some say the shoe is a Nike Huarache rip off while others think the sole looks similar of that to the Griffey sneakers that Nike also releases. Fans and critics took to twitter to voice their opinion on the shoe, a lot of whom said the shoe gave them orthopedic vibes. 

As the above tweet indicates though, stans of Kanye and those who just want the shoe for the name will most definitely still cop, ugly or not. No word yet on any release date or colorways that will be released. What are your thoughts on the shoe? Cop or drop?