Joefreshgood's Beauty Supply ™

Joefreshgoods seemingly owned 2016, staying consistent and pumping out quality releases. His Fuck Donald Tee is an internet sensation and was worn by entertainers in various industries. Earlier this year he released his Obama collection, a homage to our 44th president which received tons of attention and catapulted him to another level. With an assist from Chance the Rapper who was featured in the lookbook for the collection Joe started the new year the way he finished 2016, on fire.

Just when you think he's tired Joe reminds us all that he's in the position he's in for a reason. With Fat Tiger closed until June Joe paid homage to the beauty supply stores we had growing up as kids with an Art exhibition of sorts and for seven days will be hosting his own Beauty Supply. "The Beauty Supply ™ interactive experience + pop up shop will officially be open to the public today for 7 days only. I Wanted to capture a moment in time in my life with this, only some will understand the importance of the "beauty supply". Special thanks to my family at @congruentspace for making it happen. Come check out my "surprise" releases and pop up merch. Open today from 2 to 8..... 1216 w grand". 

The beauty supply has been receiving a lot of great feedback and looks like a lot of fun for not only adults but kids can enjoy it as well. Today Joe released some merch in conjunction of the beauty supply which can only be purchased in store. If you're in Chicago this week do yourself a favor and check out the pop-up. For updates regarding the re-opening of Fat Tiger head over to DBM website