Chop Shop Magic

A long time sacred space in black male culture has been the barbershop. It has been home to life changing brotherhoods, the spark to legendary movements, and a place to hear the usually silenced black male thought loud and clear. These are things which are formed in the barbershop, but not as noticed on the outside. What’s most clear and visible is the way stepping fresh out of the shop changes EVERYTHING, from your walk, to the confidence in your daily interactions, and most importantly how it amplifies any style you present. 

You could be wearing a tailored suit, sweats, or whatever style of the day you choose, and you will be ready for fashion week. An outfit isn’t complete until the head and face is groomed (if applicable, because as we all know; facial hair is not created equal haha). Different barbers use different techniques, products, clippers or razors to get the look and shine they see fit. Both, Vergil Austin and Fred Bunton invest in top notch tools and products to not only make customers get their money worth, but by damn near performing miracles, knowing which products/tool create the greatest final result on each individual’s hair situation (Receding/crooked hairlines, balding, Gray hairs, hair bumps, etc.). 

We followed 1201Morrison founder Bran and creative partner Tre’ Banks around to check out their looks before and after the male “cheat code”, spoke with Vergthebarber & fredbuntonsfsmss and even saw how it boosted the confidence in their lifestyle/career activity. 

This piece features a shoot styled by Bran featuring Mikey Hex. You can view the style images below: 

Content directed and coordinated by 1201Morrison in partner with [EV]-BnksCrtv, LLC.  
- All Visuals captured by REAL LIFE DREAMER.