Cruwelf for 1201 Morrison

By now you've all heard to Cruwelf, a brand creating timeless clothing items based off the culture we live in both past and present. Cruwelf has made tee shirts paying homage to folks such as DMX, Jeezy, 50 cent, OJ Da Juice Man, hit tv show friends and many more. The brand has made its rounds and is being backed by the best up and coming talent in the music industry. Co-Sign or not, cruwelf is a brand that is standing the test of time and separating itself from any other brand in the same lane. The creator of the brand, known to many as Braze let it be known that Cruwelf can't be labeled and is here to stay. Check out the interview below. 

Bran: First let’s start with the name. How'd you come up with the name cruwelf?

Braze: Back when the crusades everyone killing about religion now It's wealth everyone killing over money I just made wealth urban like "Welf" then combined it to Cruwelf.

Every collection gets  a great response from the internet, does the reception you get influence and help you to create new items?

Yes It's Interesting to see how people respond to what you do then I just focus on outdoing my last one pretty much

One release that went crazy was the Shyne tee, what was the creative influence behind that?

I just fuck with Shyne he's made a rare impact on the game with legendary timeless hits. I just took the bad boy movie theme Incorporated it with the artist and tweak it then done.  

A lot of brands have a have countless designers and send all their stuff to factories abroad. As someone doing this dolo, whats the design process like for you?

A lot of shit man I don't just tell someone to make a design here's money and I put it out. I do everything from the thought process, then graphic design with my graphic designer, then take it myself to get printed by my homie who runs a print shop. Then when everything's done my homies help me pack and ship shit so it's very much so a process.

What are some of the pros and cons of running a brand? If you had change one thing, what would it be? 

Pro's would be making every idea a reality and having the power to create dope shit. A con would be the pressure because it's not just one hand in the pot stirring sometimes. Everything I do doesn't come out exactly how I want it to because of other hands in the pot whether its a printing issue or graphic designing whatever. So yeah If I had to change one thing it'll be less hands in the fucking pot and finding a way for that with less fuck ups.

A lot of the best up and coming talent in rap including Unotheactivist are often seen in your tee's, how's it feel to build those organic relationships and be able to have them represent the brand?

It's fire I knew a lot of people before the fame and they're my niggas forreal. Not just wearing my brand, its real shit and I'm proud of all my niggas so we continue to support each other.

There are so many brands and companies out there, representing cultures ranging from skateboarders all the way to luxury brands. How would you categorize cruwelf?

No category really, If you rock with it then you rock with it. I feel like once I categorize or compare It I'm limiting myself.  

Are there any brands or designers that you admire personally?

Not really, personally I'm not a fashion head I just grew up liking what I like whether it's Bape or Helmut Lang. I never got deep into that shit.

What type of clothing do you see yourself creating in 5 years?

Same stuff I been doing, just better ideas with better connects to make it happen and better outlets for better quality. Just an elevation pretty much.

Of every piece you've dropped up to this date, which has been your favorite? 

It would be a 4 way tie between the OJ Da Juiceman Tee - Year Of The Dog Tee - Friends Tee - and The Goth Money Jersey, all stupid fire though.

If history is any indication Braze has some pretty cool designs in store for us coming up. Coming off of the whats beef tee look for Cruwelf to have a good fall. Head to to check out and purchase previously released merchandise.